Practical Pearls from ODAC

Practical Pearls from ODAC

ODAC is the premier annual CME conference expertly curated to provide comprehensive, annual updates and fresh pearls in medical, aesthetic and surgical dermatology. Attendees leave Orlando with an array of pearls immediately useful in their practice. 

Psoriasis is associated with systemic diseases including a risk of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Management of psoriasis with systemic therapies might reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. - Jeffrey Callen, MD

When performing skin tightening procedures, it is advisable to perform a procedure that reduces red and brown dyschromias in the same session; that way the patient sees some short term skin enhancement while waiting for the skin tightening effect to take hold (which often might take 1-4 months). - E. Vic Ross, MD

The new paradigm of onychomycosis and fungal infection treatment includes compatibility with nail polish, treatment of the entire disease and reservoir of fungus, and most importantly, treating the marathon not the sprint. - Neal Bhatia, MD

Modifying a Rosacea patient's skincare regime can be just as important as the medication prescribed. Substitute gentile cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen for harsh astringents and scrubs. - Linda Stein Gold, MD

We often combine the (1) IPL and (2) KTP/pulsed dye/Q-alexandrite lasers in the same session. We use the IPL over broad flatter regions of dyschromia and then use the lasers with smaller spots to treat discrete lesions around the nose and other areas where the skin topography is a bit irregular. - E. Vic Ross, MD

The debate on diet and acne has come full circle and there is some evidence that certain foods, especially those with a high glycemic index, can exacerbate acne. - Linda Stein Gold, MD